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Dieto Hunger Cafe

Here at Dieto Hunger Café we have been producing delicious products including flapjacks, granola cereal, cake slices, cookies, Juices, Detox, Shakes, Protein and much more since 2018. Our brand is aimed at 'free from' additives and most of our products are wheat free. All of our products are proudly manufactured to the highest quality standards at our Production house at Ghaziabad.
We are very proud of our Rashi Foods at Ghaziabad, our production started off in a small farmhouse kitchen. Supported by local shops and retailers, our business grew fast. Now our production facility has quadrupled from our humble beginnings. Now today production, from our modern facility based on the old 20th century farm. Stable Diet remains close to nature and continues to create authentic, wholesome food products. Wheat free and free from additives.
Using the highest quality natural ingredients, the award winning recipes are based on the company's philosophy of "nature knows best" and this is reflected in the delicious home baked cooked taste of our products. Not only do we make our own delicious wholesome products, but we also manufacture other branded products too.

Cafe For Fresh Food

They say "You are what you eat" and needless to say ,it is absolutely true. Our health is nothing but a clear reflection of our food habit. So here we present to you the health food cafe where you don't have to think twice to eat your favourite.
You are what you eat so - don't be Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake. We serve the quality food which keeps you FIT and HEALTHY. Loyal locals and visitors mix harmoniously in our Cafe. It’s both chic and relaxed, classic and fresh. The Chef's have ways to bringing the flavours out in simple yet inspiring ways.